Thursday, 19 May 2016

Time to party.Prom style.

Summer school term is fast approaching and prom fever is in the air. America has a lot to answer for!
We never had this 'prom' night when we were at school but I am sure we would have loved it and would have planned our outfits right down to the nail varnish colour months in advance.

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'Prom' short for promenade. The formal introductory parade of guests at a party. The young college graduates looked beautiful and the men very dapper in their suits. The hidden pressure of having a partner and the dress to go with it. It was a serious affair and a befitting end to the students graduations. As with everything over the years traditions become watered down and it's now school leavers not college graduates that uphold the 'prom' celebrations. Practically unheard of in the U.K until the last few years but it's now big business!

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