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Meet the lady behind 60's Chic Boutique.

How many times have you come across a beautiful vintage dress only to find it's not your size? The sizes have changed so much through the decades and a 1960's size 12 would be more like an 8 to 10 now. I know I find it really difficult to find vintage dresses to fit a curvier figure and only have a handful of 60's true vintage favourites along with a pile of sewing projects to alter at some date, yet to be completed! 
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 The green and White dress is my favourite vintage find ever.
 I started this blog as I wanted it to share my journey and passion into the vintage world and to introduce some of the people I meet and find out about along the way. I came across Gaynor's range of handmade 1960's inspired dresses on Etsy and Facebook and for the first time since I was 12 I had a dress made to measure. If like me you tend to think handmade equals expensive then you will be pleasantly surprised, as dresses are priced between £40 to £45. I absolutely love the dress and am so happy to be able to share Gaynor's work and find out more about the woman behind the sewing machine at 60's Chic Boutique.
 What inspired you to start 60's Chic Boutique?
''I think the real inspiration for starting was the classic 60s style dresses I wanted to buy just weren't available or really difficult to find so I started making my own dresses and loved it so much I thought I could start doing something I really enjoy and help others to get some great dresses too.''

Do you buy vintage clothes as well as wearing your own clothes, if  so where do you buy from?
''To be honest I wear very little vintage clothing but now getting into vintage shoes, handbags and some jewellery to match my dresses - I now make all my own dresses and jackets but mix and match the occasional vintage skirt or top with good stylish new clothes. There are currently some great 60's styles available on the high street but it won't last.''
Watch out- I will be taking a look into the current 1960's high street styles in a future blog.
One of Gaynor's favourites.
 I am not surprised this is one of Gaynor's top dresses as she looks stunning in it. I think it's a perfect party dress for the coming season.

One of the attractions for me to 60's fashion is the sense of fun in the patterns and colours mixed with glamour. I spent years with a wardrobe full of Black and Grey until I discovered my love for this era.  Gaynor chooses some fab patterns and colours for her dresses and will help you find the look and colour you are wanting. It is the personal touch that makes the dresses feel so special.

Woman's Own magazine, week ending May 14th,  1966 ran a poll on the top three patterns of the year. The shift dress topped the polls, followed by the simple dress and the dress and jacket.
My first order was a Burgundy shift dress which fits me perfectly and will be the first of many. £45

The material has been chosen and Gaynor is well on the way to finishing my next outfit.I can't wait to wear and it and it's perfect for the Winter months.
A note to my family... Christmas is coming!! The sleeves and collar on this dress are just gorgeous.


I love music as much as fashion and to me they are intrinsically linked. Asking for a favourite song to dance too gives a glimpse into someone's personality. So Gaynor, what's your current favourite?
''After 13 years of my husband trying to get me to listen to Mod sounds I gradually got into Etta James and loved the raw RnB  sound of late 50's  and early 60's but my favourite song to dance to at the moment is a bit more soulful Dee Clark - That's My Girl''
 2016 is fast approaching , any dreams and aspirations for the future?
''Currently it's great to have a thriving business that I enjoy I'm not looking beyond that and enjoying what I do now.''
Thank you Gaynor for sharing  your time and if anyone would like to know more about 60's Chic Boutique here are the links: 
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