Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Bedtime glamour. Have we lost it?

 I have recently got hold of some 1930's Woman's Jornal magazines and they are fascinating. Yes we have come along way as women with our independence and womens' rights but have we lost a little of the glamour along the way? Take a look at the nightwear of the 1930's-60's and see what you think?

Images taken from September issue of Woman's Journal,1933, Vol X11.No 71
:Veronica Lake, 1940's wearing a silk nightgown which could pass as a beautiful evening dress.
(Image taken from:
Jane Russell, 1950's
(image taken from:
The beautiful Natalie Wood, 1962 for Life magazine.
(Image taken from:
I love these sets. So cute and fun.
Seventeen magazine, 1970, Colleen Corby and Cay Sanderson.
(image taken from:
1980's Vogue Full length and baby doll patterns. Is that shoulders pads inside the gown?
(image taken from:
This 1960's baby doll set is so sweet and my daughter fell in love with it.
£30 Size 10-12 Available at :
Pretty in Peach, 1970's nylon nightie £20, size 10 with peach 3/4 length gown over £10.Size 10-12.
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