Tuesday, 13 October 2015

A Pit Stop Vintage Shopping Trip To Sheffield.

Time is of the essence when you have to fit in shopping trips and kids. Where to shop for vintage clothes and accessories in a new city with a few hours to spare is not as easy as it sounds! After wandering the main shopping area with the usual high street chains I decided to venture out a little further. I love interacting with people on Instagram and after a friendly suggestion from Jan at Honeysuckle at Home, I hopped on a bus to go South of the city to say hello and see what I could find in the Sheffield Antiques Quarter.
Honeysuckle at Home.
 I love the colourful patterned lampshade made from vintage fabric, Jan also sells handmade cushions, furniture, glass ware and collectibles.Honeysuckle at Home is full of individual pieces to make your home beautiful.

 All this colourful material made me wish I'd payed more attention in school needlework class.

 Simple vintage glass milk bottles brighten up kitchen cupboards and make me smile. We are in the middle of moving house and I can't wait to buy some new kitchen accessories.

 This display of vintage photos was beautiful. The shop is full of history and romance of past times.

A shot of bright Pink next to textured hessian sacks completes the outside display. Whilst their is an abundance of beautiful home items you also have the added bonus of a spot of vintage clothes shopping with The Queen of Drawers. I did give in to temptation and bought a black 1960's dress. I have bought several pieces from The Queen's Drawers from vintage fairs recently and their always seems to be a good range of sizes which is a bonus for vintage dress shoppers over a size 10.
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 New dress getting ready for the party season.

Jan recommended some other vintage shops back in town , although time was running out I did manage to find a few of them, starting with Vulgar where I found this gorgeous Green suede and sheepskin coat. The shop had some really great clothes in and any shop selling vintage Dr. Martens work for me. Although sadly on this visit there were non in my size.

I could have easily lost a few hours in Mooch Vintage and they have a great selection of Men's wear too. If you love 60's fashion they had some fab dresses and coats to choose from. The orange coat below with white fur trim was so sweet for Winter.
Time passed away and I will have to return to continue my vintage hunt in Sheffield but I am happy with the shops I found. I really want to spend more time exploring the Sheffield Antiques Quarter with so many independent shops to choose from. Check out their website for full information on the 50+ shops and places to eat and download the shopping map.

Venture out and don't be afraid to explore away from the main city streets, oh and wear some comfy walking shoes!
Sheffield, Space, Place, Life.

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