Friday, 20 February 2015

'How Do I Look', Abbey Museum, Kirkstall

Half term boredom struck and happily led Millie and I to the Abbey Museum at Kirkstall Abbey to visit the 'How Do I Look' exhibition. Taking a look back into how people have enhanced their looks over the decades, covering Ancient Egyptian kohl pots to 1960's eyelashes. For anyone interested in vintage fashion it is an interesting way to lose an hour or two. Part of my love for vintage fashion is the history behind the style and the looks that were created, this exhibition shows some great examples of the tools which created those icon styles. The exhibition runs until 31st December 2015.
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Look how ridiculously large these 1960's eyelashes look (1965-75) compared to the natural look we work today and yet Twiggy pulled it off beautifully.
What I love about vintage retro styling is it's ability to be as relevant and present today as seen below with Cara Delevinge modelling for Marc Jacobs in 2013.

The hairdryers and tongs from the 1950's to 60's look so cumbersome and difficult to use and yet they managed to create such amazing hairstyles daily. I guess that's what the lashings of hairspray was used for! The exhibition includes an electric 'boutique' hairdryer from 1968, a Bakelite 1935 hairdryer and hair sets from the 1930's.
Some of the curling tongs look more like instruments of torture than beauty essentials!

From 1950's bouffants' to the classic 1960's mod cut celebrities styling continues to revert back to those iconic styles from days gone by as seen below with Erin Connor and Drew Barrymore.

In my opinion no one pulls of the modern day bob better than Emma Willis, I confess to having total girl crush on her style, she always pulls it off.
I love every photo I see of Peggy Moffitt, she always looked amazing.
I am sure Dita Von Teese would approve of this corset, made by W.F Launce , 1880-1890. Waist training at it's best!

Do we think Betty Brosmer, (1950's model, pin-up girl and body builder) may have done a spot of waist training? Look at how tiny her waist looks,with body measurements apparently being 38'' 18'' 36''.
Betty Brosmer 1
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