Thursday, 8 January 2015


The Beehive
How high can you pile your hair?
It is a well known fact to those that know me that I like having different hairstyles on a regular basis. From short to long hair extensions, bobs to elfin cuts, red to blonde, I think I have explored most avenues. I am currently growing my hair with determination and sticking with a brunette colour (to cover all the grey). I love the fact that a new hairstyle brings a new look and make-up within hours and you feel transformed.
As I love the 1960's look I have started to wear my hair in a small beehive/French pleat style and now it is a little longer it is getting higher. Mum came for dinner last night as a true 1960's girl she had fun putting mine up in a beehive. Back combs and hairspray at the ready. It was lovely to hear mum reminisce and to share a different side to her that we didn't know. This is part of what draws me to vintage fashion, the sharing of a small piece of somebodies life.
The marvellous Margaret Vinci Heldt created the original beehive for Modern Beauty Magazine, this is a picture from the magazine, 1960

It is slowly getting higher, although having a bad fringe day.

Mum still has it, only using 3 pins to my normal 7 or 8.

I love this photo of mum aged 18, 1963, how high!
Ronnie Spector, 1964

Barbra Streisand, 1966

One of my all time favourites, Aretha Franklin

I want to look like her when I grow up!Raquel Welch, 1968.
and last but not least beautiful Bridget Bardot.

let's see how high I can pile it up this time next year...

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