Tuesday, 6 January 2015

All About Eve!


For starters I'm not called Eve! My name is Rachel Peru and I do love the 1950's film 'All About Eve' so the blog name is staying.

 I have always loved vintage fashion and retro styling in both fashion and homeware but never really been brave enough to fully embrace and explore it. I particularly love the glamour of the 1950's and the fun fashion of the 1960's so I have decided to stop hiding and shout it from the roof tops. I hope this blog will follow my journey whilst I explore the world of vintage from setting up my own vintage shop, shopping, music, events and the people I meet along the way.

There is something quite refreshing about hitting 40 as a woman, maybe it's a new inner confidence that fights to come out. We will see if vintage fashion is my way forward during 2015.
I have always liked to have my own style going on, some may not have approved and there has definitely been a few mistakes along the way but putting on clothes in the morning should be fun and make you feel good.

1982 , there's a lot going on here! (age 12)

1987, I still have those gloves.


The photo session that gave me the vintage kick start I needed, at Le Keux Vintage salon in Leeds 2014.

December 2014 I finally managed to get hold of  the Red Ashley coat from Collectif.

and so it begins..... I would love to hear from other vintage lovers and would welcome suggestions on things to do, places to see to add to my journey, Collectif.


  1. Excellent ( although I can't stop laughing after seeing that first pic xxx).

  2. Welcome to the mad world of vintage Rachel. I think I sat in that same seat in Le Keux a while back. Donna Flower x

    1. Thank you Donna Flower, I loved my day at Le Keux it was definitely the start of something!

  3. Yes Kickcan & Conkers, not sure what look I was going for there! x